We Make Water Quality Testing Easy


Visit Our WebshopTesting Made Easy is a leading European supplier of water and environmental condition test equipment, instrumentation and accessories. We have many years experience within this industry and strive to bring the highest quality in products and customer service to the market at the most cost effective price.

We believe in aiming to provide a one stop shop for our valued customers, which is why alongside all the products offered on our website, we are also able to source thousands of other products from leading manufacturers such as Eutech Instruments, H M Digital, Q – I – S, Certikin, Rea – Chem, Pool-i.d, Tec-Hu, GOnDO, Dimanco, Lovibond and many, many more.

We believe if you ask us to source a product for you, we should do so in the quickest time possible and at the best available cost, so why not put us to the challange and contact one of the team today?

We believe that by dealing with manufacturers and their representatives direct, we are able to source some of the world’s leading products and brands and offer them at favourable prices.

Testing Made Easy offer one of the most diverse ranges of instruments, accessories and test equipment for many parameters including pH, Oxidising Reduction Potential (ORP), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Electrical Conductivity (EC), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Salt / Salinity (NaCI), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Chlorine, Lead and many, many more……………..

Every product we sell is offered with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. The warranty is registered directly by you, so belongs to you or your customer not us. This is particularly useful if you wish to resell our products.

Our dedicated, friendly team are always here to offer advice and support with regard to selecting the right product for your application. Please contact them by calling 0843 289 6249 or go to our support and contact page and select a contact option.

Pocket Tester | Handheld Meters | Portable Meters | Bench Meters | Dipslides | Photometers | Test Strips | Buffers | Calibration Solutions | Reagents | PoolTester | Comparators | Much, much more……..

Acidity KS43 | Active Oxygen | Algee | Alkalinity – M | Alkalinity – P | Alkalinity Total | Ammonia | Bac12 | Bigunides | Bromine | Calcium Hardness | Chloride | Chlorine | Chlorine Combined | Chlorine Dioxide | Chlorine Free | Chlorine Total | Coliform | Coliforms | Combined Chlorine | Copper | Cyanuric Acid | Dissolved Oxygen | DO | DPD-1 | DPD-3 | DPD-4 | EC | Electrical Conductivity | Enterobacteriaceae | Free Chlorine | H2O2 | HMB | Hydrogen Peroxide | Iron | Lead | Molybdate | Monopersulfate | Mould | MPS | NaCI | Nitrate | Nitrite | O2 | ORP | Oxidising Reduction Potential | Ozone | pH | Phosphate | Phosphates | Pseudomonas | QAC | QUAT’s | Red Spot | Reverse Osmosis | RO | Salinity | Salt | Sodium Chloride | Staphylococci |Sulphite | TDS | Total Alkalinity | Total Chlorine | Total Count | Total Dissolved Solids | Total Hardness | TTC | Urine | Yeast | Zinc


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